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Wall mounted vinyl record holders

Beyond their functional features these wall racks may also serve as room decoration. The different wall unit types provide storage options for up to 1-90 records, with different aesthetic outlook. Thanks to the diverse design of the products the edges and the cover of the albums become visible, creating a special atmosphere in the room.

The adjustable wall boxes can also be used both as desktop or shelf units. From the wide range of racks with the same functional features clients can find the design that suits their style the best. The product line offers wall racks and desktop racks with matching design.

  • Favourites wall mounted vinyl holder


    49 (gross)
  • Fusion LP storage box view


    125 (gross)
  • Atlas vinyl ledge


    3959 (gross)
  • Hexa wall mounted vinyl rack

    Hexa (wall mounted)

    88 (gross)
  • Alea wall mounted vinyl rack

    Alea (wall mounted)

    88 (gross)
  • Delta wall mounted vinyl holder

    Delta (wall mounted)

    88 (gross)
  • matrix vinyl record storage box view


    115 (gross)

Why to chose a wall mounted holder for your records?

Running out of free space on your shelves, record storing solutions? Is everything covered by vinyl in your room? Or you just have empty walls and would like to give an atmosphere to your space? The Audivisions wall mounted record storage solutions give answer to all these questions.

Every product in this category serves a slightly different purpose, that is how they can meet all the various needs. For example, the Alea gives a frame to the record cover that makes it look like a picture placed on the wall, almost misleading the uninformed bystander. The Delta and Hexa wall mounted record holders with their minimalist design imply the good taste of the collector. Also, these three vinyl holders could be paired nicely with their relatives made to be placed on desks and shelves (see desktop holders, Alea, Delta, Hexa). An extra decorative feature of these record holders is that the cover of the disc inserted in front can be changed regularly, thereby changing the mood of the whole space.

The Favourites wall mounted holder is similar in its functionality to the previous ones, its added value is, that is has no front wall, thus making the browsing between the inserted vinyl easier. A handy companion for a collector who likes to listen to many records at a session or likes to store his current favourite LPs separately. By the way this holder gives the impression, that the records are floating in the air.

The Atlas vinyl record ledges are mainly for those, who like to take advantage of their decorative LP covers. Depending on the size, you can place one, two or even three records next to each other on one record ledge. Multiple pieces can be placed side by side and over each other, providing virtually endless possibilities for a record cover collage on the wall.