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  • It is available in 3 sizes, providing storage options for 1-2-3 albums
  • Using several rails, 2-4-6 records can be placed side by side
  • The covers of your albums serve as special décor items in your room
  • The records can be quickly and easily replaced, dynamically changing the outlook of your environment
  • An excellent solution for storing records on the wall
  • Can be fixed to the wall with bolts
  • Distilled design

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Have you ever wanted an exhibition of your favourite album covers in your room? What’s more, there is space on your walls and drilling is not a problem? In this case the Favourites vinyl record ledge is a great solution for you.

Quality and design:

Its sleek minimalist design is coupled with high quality materials, so it won’t disappoint even the most demanding hi-fi fans.

Harmonizes well with further wall mounted and desktop record holders and shelves of audivisions.

Most important functions of the Atlas vinyl record ledge:

Available in three different sizes: one ledge can hold next to each other one, two or three records.

Multiple ledges can be placed side by side and over each other, providing virtually endless possibilities for a record cover collage on the wall.

The ledges offer a great solution to keep the current favourite records near the turntable.

The included accessories make it easy to attach to various walls without the need for other materials.

Accessories of the Atlas vinyl record ledge:

  Plug (I) M4 screw (II) Screw cover caps (III)
Package contents 2 pcs 2 pcs 2 pcs

Use of the Atlas vinyl record ledge:

  1. Look for a sufficiently strong wall surface for the ledge where it can be securely mounted when fully loaded.
  2. Place the record ledge on the wall, mark the positions of the holes and then drill holes to the wall on the marked spots.
  3. Fix the ledge to the wall using the supplied plugs (I) and screws (II), but do not tighten fully the screws. In case of weak or special wall construction please use different fastening solution than the included universal plugs and screws.
  4. Level the ledge with a spirit level and fasten the screws.
  5. Attach the cover caps (III) to the screws.
  6. Put your records into the ledge and enjoy the music and the looks.

Atlas one használati ábra Atlas three használati ábra

User feedback on Atlas vinyl record ledge:

“I wanted to use the cover arts of my records as a decoration, that’s how I found the Atlas record holding rails. they haven’t disappointed, are elegant and quite stable.”

Additional information

Weight 03-05-0.7 kg
Dimensions 40 × 315-660-1005 × 50 mm
Selectable designs

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