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Vinyl record organizers

The record dividers help you better organize the albums placed in the storage racks. You can categorize your albums by genre or alphabetical order. The captions on the tab dividers are clearly visible, placed on top, or on the sides of the records. You can choose from a range of dividers with the same function and with different aesthetic outlook.

The dividers combined with the proper racks can provide perfectly organized storage options for your vinyl records.

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Viny record organizers

Are you a record collector and would like to store your collection in a unified and organized way? To keep your vinyl transparent and searchable by genre or alphabetically? Besides, is it important for you to create a minimalist but aesthetic and stylish interior?

Choose the vinyl record organizers from our product range that suits the best the way you store your collection. Depending on your needs we offer tabs that are visible above the records (vertical organizers) or on the side of the records (horizontal organizers) – for both alphabetical and genre arrangement. They were designed with focus on simplicity and minimalism, with functionality in mind.

For the best organization of your vinyl record collection, they can be perfectly combined with all the different audivisions storage boxes, desktop and wall mounted holders.