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“Now playing” vinyl record racks

The racks for currently played records were designed for the convenient storage of covers of currently played records. The racks can be mounted on a wall, placed on table or shelf, helping you keep the records organized and easy to select. And last but not least, putting the covers on the racks highlights their beauty nicely, contributing to the atmosphere of the room. Thanks to the different designs, our customers will be able to find a type that suits them the most.

  • Dynamic desktop "now playing" vinyl record holder view

    Dynamic (desktop)

    49 (gross)
  • Dynamic wall mounted "now playing" vinyl record holder side view 3

    Dynamic (wall mounted)

    49 (gross)

Now playing record stands

Are you constantly having problem where to place the cover of the currently playing record? Has it happened to you, that the cover slipped behind the desk or the shelf, because you leaned it against the wall? Or have you been looking for the right cover between the many records on your shelf for minutes to find the one you took the record from? The “now playing” vinyl record stands have been specially designed to tackle these issues. It was also a very important factor during the design to make these racks a tasteful complement of the room together with the cover arts. Functionality and aesthetics are complemented by increased stability thanks to the demanding material use.

The “now playing” stands come in two versions depending on their placement: desktop or wall mounted. Both are primarily made to hold the cover of the currently playing record, but they are also perfect for showcasing your favourite cover art in your music listening space, thus functioning as home decoration element.