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Alea (wall mounted)

88 (gross)


  • An excellent solution for storing records on the wall
  • A unique decor item of your room
  • Suitable for storing up to 30 records
  • Prevents the records from falling backwards or forward
  • By mounting several racks side by side you can achieve special aesthetic design in your room
  • Further categorization options are available with the use of dividers
  • Can be fixed to the wall with bolts
  • Creative design

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Have you run out of space on your shelves and in other vinyl record storing solutions, but you would like to keep your records near?  What’s more, there is space on your walls and drilling is not a problem? Do you like geometric shapes, especially squares? In this case the Alea wall mounted record holder is a great solution for you.

Quality and design:

Its sleek minimalist design is coupled with high quality materials, so it won’t disappoint even the most demanding hi-fi fans.

The holder also serves as a decorative element of the room, the record cover placed in the front can be changed regularly, changing the mood of the whole space.

Its design resembles a picture frame, which gives the cover art the impression of an image on the wall.

Could be paired with the Alea desktop vinyl record holder, their matching square shape makes the aesthetics of the room unified.

Harmonizes well with further wall mounted and desktop record holders and shelves of audivisions.

Most important functions of the Alea wall mounted record holder:

It can securely hold up to 30 records on the wall.

The included accessories make it easy to attach to various walls without the need for other materials.

The browsing and selecting between the records while using this holder could be made even easier by using the Navigator and Selector record dividers of audivisions.

Accessories of the Alea wall mounted record holder:

  Plug (I) M4 screw (II) Screw cover caps (III)
Package contents 3 pcs 3 pcs 3 pcs

Use of the Alea wall mounted record holder:

  1. Look for a sufficiently strong wall surface for the record holder where it can be securely mounted when fully loaded.
  2. Place the record holder on the wall, mark the positions of the holes and then drill holes to the wall on the marked spots.
  3. Fix the holder to the wall using the supplied plugs (I) and screws (II), but do not tighten fully the screws. In case of weak or special wall construction please use different fastening solution than the included universal plugs and screws.
  4. Level the record holder with a spirit level and fasten the screws.
  5. Attach the cover caps (III) to the screws.
  6. Put your records into the record holder and enjoy the music and the looks.

Alea fali használati ábra

User feedback on Alea wall mounted record holder:

„thanks to this seemingly simple record shelf my favorite album covers became beautiful images”
“being a technical illiterate, I wasn’t able to mount this holder on the wall, but my friend helped me, the package had all the necessary tools”
„very nice!”

Additional information

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 320 × 310 × 100 mm

carbon steel