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Vinyl record storage boxes

The boxes provide a safe and well-organized storage for the records, while keeping them protected. The boxes of different design can be used both as desktop or shelf units, or fixed on the wall. Each type of boxes provide organized storage options for up to 90 vinyl records.

For an even more organized storage of the records placed in the boxes you can also use the vertical tab dividers.

  • Fusion LP storage box view


    125 (gross)
  • matrix vinyl record storage box view


    115 (gross)

Vinyl record storage boxes for collectors

Owning a lot of vinyl records and having trouble, how to store them in a safe and aesthetically pleasing manner at the same time? Are your precious records falling, sliding apart all the time and as a result of that they get worn out? Having problem storing your large vinyl collection in the right place and right way or just bored with the everyday record storage solutions?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, then the Audivisions record storage box product line is the right solution for you, that will finally place your records in their deserved place.  The unique and modern design of these vinyl storage boxes is guaranteed to make a special atmosphere in your room and bring your collection to a new light.

The storage boxes could be placed on desks, shelves or mounted on the wall and thus become a special interior design item that meets the requirements of even the most demanding record collectors.

We recommend using the storage box family of audivisions, if you like to store and browse your records in a way, that the covers are facing you or you wish to place a larger amount of vinyl in one rack. You can further enhance your browsing experience by using the Navigator (vertical) and Selector (vertical) vinyl record dividers of audivisions.