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Record collection storage · Vinyl desktop holders · Alphabetical and genre LP organizers

Product line Audivisions is offering diverse record storage options for collectors who want to store their record collection in a nice-looking and organized way. Our wide range of products will not only satisfy all types of record storing demands but will also render your home cosy and atmospheric.

Desktop vinyl record holders

Various holders made for different uses that can store 1 to 75 records depending on the user’s needs.

The various vinyl record holders can be used on shelves or tables.

Wall mounted vinyl record holders

Beyond their functional features these wall racks may also serve as room decoration.

The different wall mounted holder types provide storage options for up to 1-90 records, with different aesthetic outlook. Thanks to the diverse design of the products the edges and the cover of the albums become visible, creating a special atmosphere in the room.

“Now playing” vinyl record stands

Designed to hold the cover of the currently playing record, highlighting its aesthetics

The stands can be mounted on a wall, placed on table or shelf helping you keep the records organized and easy to select.

Vinyl record organizers

The four different types of organizer tabs help to transparently sort the collection according to different needs.

You can categorize your records by genre or alphabetical order. The captions on the tabs are clearly visible, placed on top or on the sides of the records. You can choose from a range of dividers with the same function and with different aesthetic outlook.

Vinyl record storage boxes

The uniquely designed storage boxes can hold up to 90 records on a table, shelf or mounted on a wall.

Peter Polner

founder of audivisions, team leader, record collector

Szabolcs Lángi

co-founder of audivisions, Project Manager, record collector

David Papp

Business Development Officer at audivisions, record collector, DJ, member of the Moonbase Patel Disco

Márton Dráviczki

Product Designer at audivisions, record collector

About us

Our aim as record collectors and product developers was to find storage options for music lovers, where besides enjoying music they can both store their collection in a comfortable and neat way and admire the design of the vinyl covers. It is our mission to create products of outstanding quality and to offer full-spectrum services capable of meeting any client need. With the continuously growing range of products we want to provide high-quality storage solutions for diverse needs. Our products are not only functional but also serve as decoration items.


The peculiar design of our products combined with the record collection will create a unique ambient, which may help our clients express their personal style and creativity. By rearranging the records in your vinyl storage cabinets it will take only a couple of seconds to create a new atmosphere in your room, any time you wish.


Want to store your albums on the floor, on a shelf or on the desk? Our product line has options for any of these. The vertical and horizontal dividers allow you to organize and categorize your collection the way you wish.


From the range of our products we help find you options that will fully fit your room requirements. The product you choose will enable you to store lots of records in a small place in an organized way, with the ability to flag the records and flip through them easily.


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