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Alea desktop vinyl record holder view with LP 2

Desktop vinyl record holders

Using our racks the records can safely be placed next to one another, without slipping or falling down. The “L” and “U” shaped racks of different design can be used both on shelves and as desktop units. They allow you to store up to 60-75 vinyl records in a neat and organized way, depending on the product type.

From the wide range of racks with the same functional features clients can find the design that suits their style the best. The product line offers wall racks and desktop racks with matching design.

  • Omega desktop record holder side view 5


    75 (gross)
  • Alea desktop vinyl record holder side view 4

    Alea (desktop)

    75 (gross)
  • Alpha desktop vinyl record holder side view 3


    75 (gross)
  • Delta desktop vinyl record holder view 4

    Delta (desktop)

    75 (gross)
  • Hexa desktop vinyl record holder side view

    Hexa (desktop)

    75 (gross)

Why to choose a desktop vinyl holder as a collector?

Are you a vinyl record enthusiast and would like to store your vinyl on your desk or shelf in a unified and organized way?  Would you like to keep your ever-expanding collection at hand all the time? Is it important for you to enjoy the varied and enjoyable covers of your LPs?

Pick the most suitable product from our desktop holder line for yourself, that also fits the best your music listening environment. You can choose by the way you want your records to be oriented, whether the covers or edges facing you, or by the geometric shape closest to you. The most important aspects while designing these record holders were minimalism and simplicity, also with functionality in mind. To create even more harmony in your collection, the design of the various desktop holders fits very well the products of our other four product categories.

You can organize your record collection even further by using some of the dividers of the Audivisions product line, that enables you to sort your vinyl by alphabet or genre.