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Selector (horizontal)

49 (gross)


  • Available in 9 different styles
  • Divides the albums by displaying the genre of the record on a vinyl-shape tab beside the records
  • It can easily be slipped between the records
  • Helps keep the records organized and easy to select
  • The alphabetical and the genre tabs can be combined
  • Distilled design

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Are you a record collector and would like to store your collection in a unified and organized way? To keep your vinyl transparent and searchable by genres? Besides, is it important for you to create a minimalist but aesthetic and stylish interior?

If you would like to categorize your collection in a way, that the record divider tabs are visible on the side of the covers, then the Selector (horizontal) vinyl record dividers are the perfect solution for you.

Quality and design:

Designed with the utmost care and built from quality materials, the Selector (horizontal) record organizers meet the needs of the most demanding record collectors. They fit perfectly into the aesthetic world of turntables and amplifiers, but also find their place among the stylish interior accessories.

Sliding these tabs between the records from the side creates an effect, as only a part of the record hangs out form the cover, giving the collection a special appearance.

Most important functions of the Selector (horizontal) vinyl record organizers:

The Selector (horizontal) record dividers allow you to organize your collection by genres in a way, that the names of the genres appear on the side of the record covers. Their application helps you to quickly find the sought-after record, browse between the collection or to return the record after listening to the right place in your record storage solution.

The record organizer tabs are available in 9 different versions, covering 9 of the most popular genres: Blues, Classic, Electro, Funky, Jazz, Metal, Pop, Rap, Rock.  They are sold as a pack or individually.

For the best organization of your vinyl record collection, they can be perfectly combined with all the different audivisions storage boxes, desktop and wall mounted holders.

Use of the Selector (horizontal) vinyl record organizers:

  1. Slide the organizer tab from the side between the LPs organized by genres.
  2. When browsing, by grabbing a particular tab you can easily separate and flip the records at a certain point of the collection.

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User feedback on Selector (horizontal) vinyl record organizers:

“great idea, like the edges of the records are hanging out from the covers”

Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 357 × 308 × 1.2 mm

carbon steel


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