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Alea (desktop)

75 (gross)


  • An excellent solution for storing records both on shelves and on the desk
  • Prevents the records from falling or slipping to either side
  • Provides a cosy option for the storage and selection of the records.
  • It provides a storage option for maximum 60 records, by bordering them from both sides
  • Further categorization options are available with the use of dividers
  • Distilled rectangular design

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Are you a vinyl record enthusiast and would like to store your vinyl on your desk or shelf in a unified and organized way?  Would you like to keep your ever-expanding collection at hand all the time? Is it important for you to enjoy the varied and enjoyable covers of your LPs?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, then the Alea desktop vinyl record holder is a great solution for you, that will finally place your records in their deserved place. The unique and modern design of this holder is guaranteed to make a special atmosphere in your room and bring your collection to a new light.

Quality and design:

The minimalist square design of the Alea record holder adapts nicely to the covers of records. Its shape also goes very well with the Alea wall mounted record holder, making it possible to organize your record collection in a unified aesthetic way. Designed with the utmost care and built from quality materials, the Alea holder meets the needs of the most demanding record collectors. It fits perfectly into the aesthetic world of turntables and amplifiers, but also finds its place among the stylish interior accessories.

Most important functions of the Alea desktop record holder:

It can hold up to 60 vinyl records, but due to its construction with the internal support tab, the holder can safely accommodate even less records without them sliding forward.

The carefully designed Alea desktop holder safely stores your records, prevents them from tipping, falling and scratching their covers.

The Alea desktop holder is made for keeping the records on a desk or a shelf, allowing you to place multiple pieces side-by-side depending on the size of the collection, to give you a consistent look at the vinyl records lined up.

The browsing and selecting between the records while using this holder could be made even enjoyable by using the Navigator and Selector record dividers of Audivisions.

Accessories of the Alea desktop record holder:

  Furniture felt pads (IV)
Package contents: 4 pcs


Use of the Alea desktop record holder:

  1. Attach the furniture felt pads to the bottom of the record holder, so it protects the furniture from wear and scratches.
  2. Place the holder to its desired place, while keeping in mind, that the surface that it is placed on should safely support the weight of it fully loaded.
  3. Put your records into the record holder and enjoy the music and the looks.

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User feedback on Alea desktop record holder:

“organized my records in a nice row with these holders, I like it”
“quality piece, fits well with my records”
“recently discovered the audivisions product line, been looking for a record storage solution like this for a while”

Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 200 mm

carbon steel